Adx CMS has been evolving since 2005 at the pace of technologies development and now our product represents a closed platform for full-​functional websites creation in a very short time and with a minimal effort.

Website Construction Platform Adх CMS

Basic principles and limitations

We specialize in development of complex sites and web systems at the same time offering turnkey solutions when data protection and hack prevention is crucial. From the point of technology our solutions best suit you if your site or web-system:

  • require high level of anti-hack security
  • have to have simple and user-friendly back office interface
  • is to sustain the load of hundreds of thousands of visitors browsing it
  • implies future evolvement

The key principle of our platform comes down to "excess free" concept both in the source code and in the user interface.

About two hundred websites are running on Adx CMS platform today. The Cases include description of various complexity projects.

Stack of technologies
Front end: JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, Node.js, NPM/Yarn, Gulp
Programming languages: PHP. Databases: MySQL (MariaDB, Percona), PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB. The platform has no API.

The strong point of the platform — functionality

Optimal architecture of the platform ensures high-​speed operation of your site, scalability and development flexibility. By flexibility we mean that no matter how complex your task is — you can get a solution with a minimal budget.

The platform offers a set of pre-​made modules and some additional options.

Flexibility and terms of development

  • We take an existing system and make precise and optimal "excess-free" changes.
  • Any pre-made module can be extended any time.
  • Any module can be added when needed without any changes to the rest of the system.
  • All module data are generated by XML sitemap.
  • As for the site back office — we have a conceptual solution ready so you can get it at a minimal cost and further use it to manage your website content.
  • You get an expandable set of media blocks as a part of your system.

A set of pre-made modules

A page tree with unlimited nesting levels and an option to choose each page place in the menu.

  • Media-pages. It is a powerful tool you use to create content of any scale and type: text, photos, video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), images, audio, notes, lists, maps, comments & feedback, Buy buttons, forms, lists of files etc.
  • Forms builder.
  • Blog.
  • Comments & Feedback.
  • Mailing lists.
  • Site map.
  • Short links, UTM tags, QR codes for each site.
  • Users, roles, site and back office access distribution. Logins via social media accounts (VK, FaceBook, OK, Yandex, Google).
  • Online shop, cart, payment system integration (, PayPal, Robokassa, Tinkoff Bank, Yandex.Checkout, Sberbank) and fiscal data operator.
  • Data backup with an option of uploading to an external repository.
  • Mailing management including logging, integration with MailGun, invalid address control.
  • Automatic download of Yandex.Metrika data.
  • Custom robots.txt.
  • SEO-blocks for all pages and XML sitemap generation.
  • Automatic error trapping.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Any deleted data can be restored.

Turbo-pages and Google Amp

Generation of mobile friendly versions of website pages. Supported formats: Yandex Turbo-pages and Google Amp.

Telegram robot

The platform supports an individual Telegram robot for each site. Robot options can be expanded as needed.

Hosting friendly

A site running on our platform can be hosted literally anywhere.

  • Basic option — any hosting supporting PHP MySQL, (99.9% of worldwide hosting).
  • Top option — server farm with dedicated application, graphic processing, static data storage, database servers.
  • Image processing providing max possible quality depending on hosting options.
  • The platform doesn't take much space on a server and requires no updates. 

Extra options

  • Region differentiation: some parts of site content can be set to be displayed depending on user's location (region).
  • Google Maps, Yandex.Maps, Bing Maps, OpenLayers, 2GIS, Leaflet can be displayed with website data integrated.
  • *.pdf, *.svg, *.docx, *.xlsx files generation.
  • 360° product preview.
  • Integration with such Google services as geolocation, geocoding, directions api, calendar, search console, translate etc.
  • Directum, DaData integration, 1C.
  • Integration with FB, Instagram, Telegram, VK etc.
  • Adding new language versions of site content.
  • Adding new language versions for back office interface.

The strong point of the platform — content maintenance

Marketing Specialist convenience 

With your site running on our platform you are free to create any amount of content of any type and with that avoid extra cost of programming effort which means quick and cheap hypothesis testing for marketing specialists.

What makes us really different here is that you are not limited with standard modules and you don't need to buy any system updates. Data operation and website structure change is easy: you can expand its volume, expand navigation, create any new data collection forms, publish data in any format — texts, files, audio and video.

The system already has a lot of intrinsics mechanisms that perform SEO job for you so you don't need to think about it, among them:

  • friendly URL generation;
  • metrics setting control (Yandex, Google);
  • UTM tags setting, links shortening and QR codes generation;
  • statistics of individual page parameters: amount of text on page, page views.

Content Manager convenience — an important platform quality criterion

Content management (back office) interface could not be more straightforward: we have carefully selected the elements to avoid those that could puzzle or confuse employees that maintain your site content daily.

Average time of layperson training in how to use site back office to maintain its content is 1 hour.

Your Content Manager can create unlimited amount of content of any type to satisfy marketing needs of the company. These could be:

  • catalogs, references;
  • landings;
  • blogs, news;
  • embedded graphics, presentations, video;
  • setting website menu and footer display (desktop, tablet, phone); • creation of unlimited number of data collection forms for any pages of the site;
  • and many other.

SEO Editor convenience — one more quality criterion

The system is adapted for important SEO parameters control. Site back office provide for effortless creation of

  • metadata for any information units — texts, graphics, video;
  • setting of UTM tags for statistics collection, links shortening.

Cost of Adx CMS platform

The platform can not be sold but can only be provided with your order of a:

  • complex website, web-system,
  • a turn-key website (from ($350) 
  • or business processes automation.

Cost of base version of Adx CMS platfrom license is included into the total cost of development.

Customer review

Recommend to anyone seeking a reliable web programming

Josette Dewey (Millar) Principal and Creative Director
Sheffield Media Group, LLC
NY, United States, 2006-2020

We have been very pleased by their ability to respond as programmers to a wide variety of projects. They regularly exceed our expectations and we strongly recommend them.